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Why Journey Christian School?


What Does Journey Have to Offer?

Our Mission

Most leaders agree there should be more to education than reading, writing, arithmetic, and technology. Character development, service, and the ability to get along with others are equally important in creating good citizens for this world and the next. Nestled away in a peaceful, park-like setting is a small Pre K-8 school dedicated to providing a quality education with an important difference: GOD! In addition to a first-rate education, we are committed to creating a Christ-like environment where students can flourish in small, multi-aged classes led by certified, caring teachers.

Journey Christian School (formerly Kelso-Longview Adventist School) has been educating young people in this community for the past 99 years. Its alumni include dentists, nurses, teachers, engineers, mechanics, computer programmers, stay-at-home moms, and business owners. Most students go on to be leaders in high school and college. JCS is part of an educational system known world-wide for its excellence.  

What Does A Typical Day Hold?

Together As One

Most parents love our four-day (M-TH) school week because it gives more family time, a three-day weekend, and time to schedule appointments so learning is not interrupted. Each school day begins at 8:15 and ends at 3:30 p.m. In addition to the core curriculum, students experience music instruction, Bible classes, and electives such as 4-H and STEM. Teachers enhance learning and connect students with the world with iPads, Chrome books, and classroom interactive boards. Because we are committed to developing the whole child, we have an excellent gym teacher with daily physical education classes and our students and staff start every day with morning exercise!

Our church and school work closely together to nurture the needs of our students and their families. If our program seems right for your family, why not check us out? We are located in the Lexington area of Kelso at 96 Garden Street, a "country school" that is easily accessible from I-5 off exit 42. 

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